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Bread news

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

The latest bread experience in the Elbeno household is Pane Mediterraneo from Ralph’s International Classics line. I’m always partial to a crusty crust and a soft crumb.

Pane Mediterraneo 1

A peek at the inside: appropriately holey.

Pane Mediterraneo 2

bread fraud

Sunday, March 26th, 2006

I was robbed! I bought a loaf expecting it to be nice. It turned out to be only half there!

Anyway, the sandwiches still tasted nice.

PS. 1000000000000 boos to flickr for requiring the “Organizr” to use flash. And the same to Macromedia for not providing flash for 64-bit machines. Get with the 21st Century guys!

only in the UK…

Friday, February 24th, 2006

…could you find a city made from biscuits.

Right about now I could eat a packet or two of custard creams.

Real Food

Thursday, September 29th, 2005

Mexicali chop salad at Real Food Daily?


Steak and kidney pie at Ye Olde King’s Head?

I’ve visited both places recently. I’ll let you guess which food I preferred.

More about bread…

Sunday, July 24th, 2005

Sorry Jen, the title lied: I can’t think of anything else about bread right now. Except that I wish I had some “bread of the gods” (as Mrs Elbeno and I know it – Sainsbury’s unsliced granary loaf to the rest of the world) in the cupboard. If so, I would be a bread-muncher right now.

Anyway the more accurate title of this update would be: Turning Native or Not? It’s been almost two years, and my neural pathways are still resolutely British about some things.

Even now, if I’m not thinking about it quite hard, I write down the date the wrong (the right!) way around. Happened just yesterday.

I still say “shedule” rather than “skedule”, “zed” rather than “zee” and of course a hundred other Britishisms. I still spell the British way: always -ise rather than -ize and -our rather than -or. And here’s the thing: I do this without thinking, rather than in some attempt to hold on to my British identity. If I’m talking to someone and they just said “zee” then I am likely to say “zee” too. But left to my own thought patterns, the British way comes out without my noticing. The two people I talk to most often at work are actually Canadian, so that’s just fine.

The other day I made some email joke about the Four Yorkshiremen sketch, and email tumbleweeds blew by. Did my joke fall on barren ground? Or did the workaday business merely spring up and choke it? Where I come from, people launch into the Four Yorkshiremen sketch as quickly as thinking.

I still can’t remember whether “a quarter of four” means quarter to, or quarter past, four o’clock. I don’t hear it much around these parts though.

And yet, it seems to me that I already have a mid-atlantic accent. I can hear my own speech and it’s definitely different from how it used to be. The first symptom is Ts changing to Ds.

Should I just go with the flow? I just sound fake to myself, which makes it hard. It’s getting so that when I talk to someone Californian, it’s “hey dude”, but when I’m talking to someone British, it’s “awwright?”

cheddar and marmite on a toasted bagel

Friday, June 24th, 2005

I got my Comic-Con confirmation today. Glad that came through since I’ve had the hotel booked for over a month now.

This weekend is the big intra-office move, so everyone has to be packed up and left by 4pm tomorrow. Then our stuff is magically moved to new desks ready for Monday morning chaos. Getting off at 4 is good, but I have a bunch of work I could usefully get done.

I had cheddar and Marmite on a toasted bagel for tea tonight. The Marmite was technically best before March 05. But where Marmite’s concerned, I challenge anyone to tell the difference before and after the best before date.

Next weekend is a super-long weekend! As well as July 4th, we get July 1st off. Plus, I could be going to the Montreal office next week. Again, it would be a nice trip, but it keeps me from doing work. Also, it involves air travel. Never a good experience.

Girl Scout Cookies

Tuesday, March 1st, 2005

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season again and I am chomping my way through the thin mints. Also looking forward to those Creme Eggs I picked up!