what I've been doing this week

Back from Montreal. It was hot! Over 30C (that's 90F) and humid with it. But we spent most of the time indoors in the air conditioning, or out and about at night when it was a little cooler. It was a productive trip, and I got a spare half hour to shop so I picked up a Jazz Festival CD (missed the actual festival by a week) and also a Thelonious Monk CD – I've been meaning to get some Monk for a while now.

I finally got around to upgrading my PC. The new one is quite shiny. Athlon 64 3700, 2G of RAM and a 300G HDD. 6800GT for the graphics, and a dual-layer DVD writer completes the package. Oh and there is also the anecdote of the speakers. So a week ago, Mrs. Elbeno is telling me to order the thing, already. I had a good idea of the spec and budget thanks to my previous research on Anandtech. So I casually ask Mrs. Elbeno: “Shall I get speakers too? There's a good set here.” She agrees and I order the lot. To be delivered to her office while I am in Montreal.

Well, it seems she hadn't realised the size of a speaker system (chiefly the subwoofer) – she was expecting a desktop pair, not a 6-speaker set weighing 42lb. So she was a little surprised when she had to ferry that home! Now that it's all set up I get regular admonishings about the bass. šŸ™‚

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