Am I just a grumpy old git? AOAP. Here are two things that failed to impress me recently.

(Found on Google Video) “Amazing” juggling finale. Not that amazing. Half a dozen tricks with 3 balls and lots of moving your body around trying to sell it. I think he's making it look a lot harder than it actually is.

Ageia's physics hardware/SDK. I think it's trying to solve a problem that really doesn't exist. There are existing physics solutions that solve rigid body dynamics on a multiprocessor system in software quite nicely thanks. Fluid dynamics are nice and “next gen”-y (isosurface generation in hardware is cool, assuming it's not patented), but again people are already doing this stuff on the GPU. Heck I was prototyping it over a year ago! And I don't think Ageia is going to catch up with GPU manufacturers in processing scale. Also, their demo movies are very lacking. What is that, a few hundred particles? Yawn. Could have been done 5 years ago.

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