bread fraud

I was robbed! I bought a loaf expecting it to be nice. It turned out to be only half there!

Anyway, the sandwiches still tasted nice.

PS. 1000000000000 boos to flickr for requiring the “Organizr” to use flash. And the same to Macromedia for not providing flash for 64-bit machines. Get with the 21st Century guys!

3 Responses to “bread fraud”

  1. auntysarah says:

    That'll be one of them new-fangled “courtyard-style” loaves…


  2. rum_pirate_sc says:

    wow… someone did not bake that loaf right. BUBBLE BREAD!!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Good to see more breaking bread news (see what I did there?) from LA, for your wheat-interested readers. Images of Surrey speciality breads coming your way … Jenny : )


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