E3 roundup

Another year, another E3, another photoset on flickr.

Reports of booth babe bans were exaggerated (yay). But overall, a fairly lacklustre E3. I didn’t queue for the PS3 or the Wii. But I did come home with plenty of free stuff thanks to chatting up the booth babes and being in the right places at the right time. No new graphics card (I’m not good enough at FPS to win one) but I got:

  • one polo shirt
  • four t-shirts
  • two Nintendo DS cases
  • a deck of cards
  • a yo-yo
  • four stress balls
  • a notepad
  • some notelets
  • a tin of breath mints
  • three keyrings
  • a battery-powered fan
  • a pair of “BamBams” thunder sticks

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take mini-Elbeno with me; under-18s (including infants) are not allowed, on pain of being turned away without refund. Pity. Imagine the booth-babe attracting power of a fully armed and operational 1-month-old!

5 Responses to “E3 roundup”

  1. sylvene says:

    and we didn't meet up again this year why? 😛


  2. elbeno says:

    Sorry! Was your company showing? Something down in the Kentia Hall, home of high-end sound systems?


  3. sylvene says:

    Haha! No. Don't you remember? I write for MMORPG.com these days – after I left Stratics.


  4. elbeno says:

    I remembered you left Stratics, but couldn't remember where you were now.

    I thought that E3 was disappointing as far as MMOs go. I played a bit of Vanguard, Soul of the Ultimate Nation, Huxley, and a few others. I didn't bother with the Blizzard stand since they seem to be milking the hype for Burning Crusade which should have been out by now. And NWN2 (not strictly a server-based MMO I know, but still the same sort of appeal) was really poor – shouldn't have been shown at this stage. Tabula Rasa I didn't look at this year. I didn't really like it last year.


  5. sylvene says:

    Did you check out Auran Games' Fury, Perpetual's God and Heroes and FunCom's Age of Conan?

    Some new concepts incorporated from single person RTS, RPGs and Sims in those.

    Fury is like GuildWars except you don't mingle with your enemy. Your opponents are pulled from other servers, and it's skill based progression, not class based.

    God and Heroes has some kick-ass graphic & animation – reactive animation and the ability to gain and deploy minions.

    Age of Conan has city building and siege warfare, and it's a single player game until level 20 and you select a class.

    Then, there's Seed Online by Runestone Games which is Non-combative world-bulding and Pirates of the Burning Sea which is Naval combat simulation in the age of sail and it has a branching personal story line for the RPG aspect.

    EQ2 was showing Echoes of Faydwer. YOU can be a Manly-man Fae! With Wings!


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