a sad day

It is with a sense of foreboding that I read the news about Kraft Foods’ purchase of part of United Biscuits.

United Biscuits make Jaffa Cakes, the nicest biscuit (or cake?) known to man and a favourite of the Elbeno household.

Kraft Foods is owned by the Altria Group, which used to be known as Philip Morris (and still acts as a parent company to all the Philip Morris offshoots). Because of this, I have not knowingly bought an Altria Group brand product in a good few years now. Unfortunately, I must accept that this list of things to avoid buying could sooner or later include Jaffa Cakes, and doubtless other United Biscuits products which I have enjoyed in the past.

But a man must have principles, and principles are worth nothing if ones does not stick to them when tested.

5 Responses to “a sad day”

  1. rum_pirate_sc says:

    What's wrong with Kraft? I mean if the cakes are the same as always…


  2. elbeno says:

    What's wrong with them is that they are part of Altria Group – the world's largest tobacco company. They have a history of, let's say, “less than ethical” conduct.

    If they end up getting a stake in the UK arm of United Biscuits, then I will have to forego buying Jaffa Cakes so as not to support them. For this same reason I stopped buying Philadelphia cream cheese, Oreos, and other things.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I am quite, quite sure that when Jaffa Cakes are involved, some ancient clause stipulates that principles no longer apply. Actually, I know this to be true since I once ate a whole packet of them in a day, then destroyed the packaging and pretended I had forgotten to buy them.



  4. rum_pirate_sc says:

    gah! OREOS???


    And if that's who the Altria Group is.. bleh >.> makes sence.


  5. greatbiggary says:

    I'm pretty sure this means you need to reverse engineer the recipe for Jaffa Cakes to ensure this info stays available, in open-source format for all people, for all time, and then start a family business coding some up, er, cooking some up for the many people who can't be bothered to roll their own.


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