Ben and Em show up!

And my Mii Parade has 5 miis in it now! My new bowling high score is 279. I missed the strike on frame 10!

4 Responses to “Ben and Em show up!”

  1. vampfanman says:

    Awesome score – I just played 3 games and gradually worse on each one!


  2. elbeno says:

    I found after an initial meteoric rise, I've had some patchy moments. I would say I'm averaging over 200, but I rarely score more than 250. Comparatively low scores after high or rising ones can really hurt my rating! I am current rated around 1450.


  3. elbeno says:

    279 is a good score, but I was so close to 300! 9 strikes followed by a 9! I picked up the spare and ended with another strike.


  4. vampfanman says:

    I thought I had it down to a fine art the other day after getting 4 strikes in a row but this evening's small session certainly put me straight on that! I shall keep practicing though, I have the heady heights of your scores to aim for!


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