getting stuff working on Linux

Inspired by ‘s recent wibblings on Linux, I decided it was time to iron out my own wrinkles. So after a very little googling, I was able to get a bunch of stuff working that for one reason or another had broken when I upgraded from Dapper to Edgy.

  • Sound works on the desktop again (a simple matter of an outdated .asoundrc).
  • Eclipse works (an x86_64 bug was mitigated).
  • My webcam works (after a quick compile of the latest module) which means I can use Ekiga to talk the family.
  • Flash 9 works through nspluginwrapper (Adobe are apparently incapable of releasing a 64-bit version).
  • And I downloaded some games: Neverball and the Neverwinter Nights Linux client binary.

The only time I have to boot Windows now is if I want to VPN to work.

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