97X… Bam! The future of Rock and Roll

Over 70% of radio listeners listen while in the car. What are your stations set to? Mine are:

1. KCBS 93.1 “Jack FM”. Used to be Arrow, a classic rock station. Now seems to be some sort of chain (I've heard one in the SF area called “Bob”) which makes a big deal of not taking requests and “playing what we want”. It's hanging on to a preset by the skin of its teeth, actually.

2. KYSR “Star” 98.7. Home of the “wacky/outrageous” morning show and otherwise peddler of whatever-the-RIAA-want-to-promote-this-week. The American (and way-inferior) version of The Eagle which was my old morning show staple (PG & Bev). Sadly, new UK laws last year mean that UK music radio can no longer be offered over the web. Boo. Still, there's always Nick Ferrari on LBC. If I want to listen to the radio at 10pm PST.

I just found out that Jamie White was let go from KYSR recently and the morning show has been cancelled! Too late, moving on…

3. KRTH “K-Earth” 101.1. For the oldies. This is one that Mrs Elbeno likes, to fill in when everything else is adverts.

TBH, 1, 2, and 3 are relics from when Mrs Elbeno used to drive the car. I hardly listen to those stations these days. Now with 4, 5 and 6 we're getting to the better stuff.

4. KMZT 105.1 “K-Mozart”. Great station. For days when I feel like a change from…

5. KKJZ “K-Jazz” 88.1. NPR from Cal State Long Beach. This one is a bit ropey on the reception, and Mrs Elbeno complains about that, but I figure a bit of static over music of this quality beats clear reception of any amount of stations 1 & 2. Wikipedia says: “The station is one of the highest rated jazz stations in the United States”. And that's fine by me. It's part of my daily commute. And one of the few stations I've ever bothered to listen to online.

6. KCRW 89.9. Local NPR station out of Santa Monica. They have “Morning becomes eclectic” (which usually loses out to Jazz, for me) and in the evenings they have “All things considered” which is a pretty good news/talk segment, lately often examining issues relating to the Iraq war.

That's it. Anyone have any suggestions for replacements for 1, 2, 3?

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