Mini-Elbeno can read!

Lately mini-Elbeno has started to read words. No, really! Last week I printed out some flash cards and he can read about a dozen of them: nose, ears, dog, clap, wave, arms up, arms down, ball, book, and more I can't remember now. Although he can't say many of them intelligibly yet (only “buh” for ball, book and other words that start with B) he either does the action, points to the body part, or does the ASL sign (for dog, book, and ball). This morning we did a webcam with Grandad and amazed him.

I'm amazed too – kids are much smarter than we guess, and mini-Elbeno learns so much every day.

2 Responses to “Mini-Elbeno can read!”

  1. greatbiggary says:

    This amazes me, and proves a theory of mine that kids will rise to amazing challenges if given the chance. Now to start teaching him juggling, and acrobatics. You have to beat out Vova Galchenko's lifetime records!


  2. linca says:

    You forgot to mentioned that we have been showing him a reading DVD about once per day since August. This week was the first time that he indicated he was actually reading though and we did the word cards to test it out.


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