how much?

I've long been of the view that it's worth spending more on your keyboard, monitor and chair than on your computer (and that's not so hard to do these days, if you go for an Aeron chair and a couple of decent flat panels). But I think $1500+ is going a bit far just for the keyboard. Particularly since the prime function of a keyboard is nothing to do with how it looks.

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  1. sylvene says:

    It doesn't even look that good…

    *squints at the photo*

    Are there any diamonds embedded in it?


  2. greatbiggary says:

    Folks have been chiming in on his RSS feed for months about he's doing this the completely wrong way, and turning up his nose at a basic bit of Business 101: Don't sell products based on what it cost you to make the first one. Release for a loss up front, especially with something like this, and let quantity over time win you back your investment. He's also changed his mind about things, and redesigned large sections of it enough times that I've lost count, sometimes because what he promised wasn't possible, sometimes because his fans revolted, and sometimes because of shifts in suppliers' quantities/outright existence.


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