Recently I joined a mailgroup at work called “Stuff” designed for off-topic dicussions and want-ads. Today I got a couple of great deals.

First, a 2.1 speaker set for $10. The seller said they didn't work the last time he tried them. They didn't work for me at first. So I checked them independently and found the tweeters worked. So that was something. But the subwoofer didn't. I unscrewed it and poked around. Nothing really to see – the speaker itself seemed fine, while the input/amp section was sealed. Then I noticed that the input said “12V” and the power supply said “Output: 30V”. So when I got home, I dug around in the basement and found a 12V supply with a plug that fitted. Everything worked just fine. Result!

Second, the same person was selling a HP Scanjet 6200C, sans drivers and leads. After a quick check, I said I'd have it for $10. The scanner part of my printerily-challenged all-in-one technically still works, but is too bulky to keep on my desk, so the 6200C will make a good replacement scanner for general use.

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