Building a MAME cabinet

I’ve been wanting to build one for years and now I am starting the project. So I have been reading all about it online, of course, and now I have a shopping list of parts and an idea of how to proceed. An hour or so’s fiddling produced this plan:


…which I think is reasonable. (Dimensions of the angled sections are rounded up to the nearest inch). This will give me a cabinet that is 3 feet deep at its deepest point, 6 feet tall, and I’m thinking 28″ for the width – which would give it a square base. The control panel has a slight rake, and is 39″ off the floor, which puts it comfortably at about my belt height.

This plan also reveals that I’ll need at least 32′ of t-molding (to fit along all top and front edges of both sides, and also on the front of the control panel, the top and speaker panels, and the top of the display base). I plan to install a hinge at the joint of the 25″ and 13″ sections to allow the angled section to fold down and reveal the keyboard/mouse tray.

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  1. Kaosevil says:

    good job , thanks for istructions

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