Building a MAME cabinet 3

I’ve been stopping off at Home Depot on my way to work and slowly getting together more parts. I now have:

  • Jigsaw and router bit set (borrowed from a colleague)
  • 4 x 2″ industrial casters
  • 1/2″ wood chisel
  • 18″ drawer runner set
  • Coin door! (free from a colleague)
  • 140-tooth 7-1/4″ ply/laminate saw blade
  • 1lb 1″ coarse thread drywall screws

I have also discovered that Home Depot stocks Lexan, which will save me having to order online and pay shipping etc. Unfortunately my spacious control panel design means that 18″x24″ is a bit small one way. I have to bump to the next size, i.e. 48″x24″. More expensive, but I can probably get a marquee sandwich out of that size as well as a CP cover.

I also have a 1/16″ slot cutting bit on the way. The router bit set does not include one; however, it does include a flush cutter.

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