Building a MAME cabinet 4

I ordered the Retro Mame Marquee (third one down). With the Lexan sandwich. Since the Home Depot Lexan is 3/32″ rather than 1/8″, I decided I can’t use it. I need to make the control panel from 1/8″ Lexan and 5/8″ MDF/Ply, so that the 3/4″ t-molding will fit properly.

So what I’m going to do is get going with building the rest of it, and order the Lexan for the control panel from somewhere like Professional Plastics when I have the CP size finalised. I’ll need to make sure I put the wood the right way up since the t-molding slot won’t be symmetric, and my plan is to clamp the polycarbonate and wood together and drill them as a sandwich to ensure alignment.

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