Elbeno, now with 50% more everything

I just moved here from LiveJournal. All my LJ posts and comments have been migrated, thanks to some Perl & PHP wizardry. For now, this is the default WordPress theme.

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  1. greatbiggary says:

    You can syndicate this new WordPress blog on LiveJournal in 2 steps. Just paste your feed URL into the blank at the bottom of the syndication page, and give the feed a name on the next page, when it doesn’t recognize it as already in syndication.

    Your feed URL is:

    I think you have to be a paid member to add the feed, and I’m not sure if you are. If not, I can add you, but I didn’t want to presume, and syndicate you for the masses without your approval.

    I don’t think it would be any more or less private than having an LJ account to begin with, other than that there are less feeds than LJ members, so it’s less ground for the people who search through such things to cover. Let me know. It would make keeping up with you here much easier, and therefore regular. At any rate, congrats on your new online home, and ever expanding freedom.

  2. elbeno says:

    OK, go ahead and add me. Thanks for the info – it’ll make it easier for my LJ friends to keep up.

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