Building a MAME cabinet 8

I spent some more time on it this morning, after being too busy the last three weekends since I bought the plywood. Since I’m a power tool newbie, it’s going to take a while to complete. I learned a few things:

  • My sawboard was too thick, since I made it from 3/4″ MDF. I had to rout part of it at either end to be able to fit the clamps on properly.
  • One shouldn’t start routing from the side. Plunging is the correct way to do it. Going from the side too quickly caused the router bit to spring out and fly into my thigh. Luckily no harm done to self or router.
  • The ply blade was a definite win for getting decent cuts in the oak ply. I’m pleased with the results. But it may be dulling already – might need to pick up another one. I only got a cheap steel one.
  • It is pretty difficult to keep a jigsaw on a straight line, even with an edge guide. A circular saw is much easier. I’ll be making all my cuts with the circular saw now, just finishing with the jigsaw where I need to make joins or part cuts. Oh and I already had one jigsaw blade snap.

Everything is progressing, albeit at a slow pace. I have one side of the cabinet cut out, with a couple more cuts to complete to the monitor area. Somehow I sustained a small injury to my little finger knuckle, although I didn’t even notice that a chunk had been torn out until I was in the shower after finishing up for the day. Oh well.

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