Oz Report – Part 19 – Parramatta


Once more our plans changed – owing to Mrs Elbeno not feeling 100% and the inclemency of the weather, we decided not to take a day trip to the Blue Mountains. The Boards had suggested Palm Beach, but this was also a long drive, and in the end we opted for a day of rest and light pottering around the local town of Parramatta. As you can see from the following two photos taken out of our window an hour apart, the weather was being a bit unpredictable.

View from motel 1

View from motel 2

Parramatta, then. It’s really just like any UK satellite town: a bit of history, shops and eating. We hit the information centre and made our way to the park where we saw the outside of the Old Government House, a National Trust Property. We also got rained on a fair bit.

Rainy Parramatta

At the next break in the weather we made a bee-line for a restaurant (Cafe Ziggy’s) to have lunch. Mini-Elbeno enjoyed drawing while we were waiting for our food, and he actually ate quite a lot IIRC.

Henry Draws in the Cafe

The weather seemed to have cleared a bit, so we continued our tour of Parramatta, and the small chap played for a while in a playground in the town centre. We went into what turned out to be a huge shopping mall, in search of souvenirs, but couldn’t find any stores selling Australian-type things. So we returned to the car, paid a not-very-cheap price for the downtown parking, and returned to our motel.

That night we ate leftovers for dinner. Mrs Elbeno had a sore throat though, so even then she ended up eating not much. So we went to bed. At least we’d had a day that wasn’t spent on the road. At this stage we were looking forward to meeting family tomorrow and getting home after that.

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