Oz Report – Part 20 – Day trip to Belmont


Today was our last day in Australia, and we had arranged to take a trip to see my family up in Belmont. By comparison with our other trips, this was a short drive (just around 100km) and we arrived at about 10.30am at Betty & Jack’s house. We got to talking about this and that, and catching up, and a short time later Doug and Julie and their son Jackson arrived.

Family in Belmont

Mike and Nada arrived with Tony, who had recently driven over from Dubbo.

Family in Belmont

Family in Belmont

We had a lovely lunch of barbecued sausages, chicken and lamb, with various salads and potatoes. Mini-Elbeno enjoyed playing with the various toys available while we chatted and got to know the family. Betty and Jack gave the small chap a gift of a stuffed koala with Australian accoutrements (hat and flag), and all too soon it was time to leave and brave the holiday weekend traffic back to Sydney.

Road Scenery

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