Wrap party

Friday night was the wrap party for the latest game we put out, so after a pre-party relaxation hour we headed down to Santa Monica for an evening of socialising. The usual snack fare and open bar was there; also karaoke. This was run by a couple of girls who I guess have a regular thing there; they had the laptop and sound system hookup and they were pretty good singers, filling in to keep the party going when other folks were too shy to sing. My friend Doox was first up to the mic and turned out to be quite the karaoke phenomenon. My mind went blank, of course, as the book of 10,000 songs was pressed into my hand: it doesn’t help that all the songs I really score well on on Karaoke Revolution are by Britney Spears.

So I allowed myself to be persuaded to start with White Wedding. I say start, because once you start, you can’t stop, and I was up a few more times (likewise multiple songs were done by the rest of the small crew of people prepared to sing in front of their co-workers). I felt I had to do some British bands, so I chose I’ve Just Seen a Face by the Beatles, I duetted with my friend Jimmy on Under Pressure (he was quite drunk by then and made an excellent F. Mercury) and I finished my lot with Madness’ It Must Be Love.

Crept in at around 11.30 and managed not to wake up mini-Elbeno and the memsahib.

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