Xmas is almost over

It took us most of the day to get through mini-Elbeno’s haul of gifts. Many books and toys. Big items were a desk for colouring etc, Tonka truck, Fisher Price Learning Zoo, mini-kitchen with play food and pots and pans, and a wooden railway set (Melissa & Doug). The poor little chap has a cold today, so hasn’t been feeling too well. Hopefully he’ll be over it soon.

Mrs Elbeno and I just went for a few little gifts this year. I got a DS game (LoZ: Phantom Hourglass) and a couple of books (including How To Solve It and SICP). Mrs Elbeno got a Reader’s Digest songbook and Remington Steel season 1 on DVD.

Bizarre event of the day was finding someone else’s gift in the pile. All of the Amazon deliveries from my family were wrapped, so I had just put them under the tree without even looking at the tags. It turns out that Amazon sent me one that wasn’t meant for anyone in my household! I’m not sure how it got to me – it was for Samantha in PA, but it must have been packaged with one of my other deliveries. Luckily Amazon also sent me the gift receipt, so I was able to look up the person who bought the gift for Samantha (her uncle, from the tag) and gave him a call around 4pm to let him know about Amazon’s weirdness, wish him a Merry Xmas, and reassure him that I would be sending the gift on to his niece.

Christmas dinner at 6.30 (just didn’t fancy a big lunch) was Honeybaked ham, sweet potato and mixed veg. Simple, delicious, and we didn’t spend a lot of time fixing or clearing up.

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