Arc’s debut

(Seems like this is just about what’s happened)

Paul Graham: Behold, Arc! (disclaimer: blah blah blah)

Rest of the Lisp-speaking world: Dude, weren’t you working for like 5 years on this? Now you give us a wrapper on Scheme?

PG: Look, I know it’s a bit pre-alpha, but give it a go! You might like it.

ROTLSW: Looks like a lisp with everything that makes actual real-world programming possible removed. Oh and some weird fairly pointless syntax changes?

PG: It made the code shorter. Look, a web app in five lines!

ROTLSW: …and five thousand lines of libraries. Even non-lispers can do that.

PG: *sigh* You’re just not getting it. All other lisps are Blubs now! I’m going back to John McCarthy’s papers…

ROTLSW: OK, call us when Arc can solve some real problems – see you in another 5 years then? Good luck with the web angle. We’ll be off playing with Vecto and other neat stuff in CL.

6 Responses to “Arc’s debut”

  1. yoman says:

    You said it my man!
    Arc is a pile of shit, any self-respecting lisper can do its equivalent in a night.

  2. Thomas says:

    *sigh* You ‘re just not getting it. He replaced SETF with = and EQ with IS. Ergo, he’s a genius, and all other Lisps suck.

  3. she says:

    Hehe a bit nasty 😉

    I figured it was more of academic use anyway.

    I guess Paul is a bit out of touch with the really cool things these days.
    They are out there, somewhere!

  4. Jasper says:

    I did read about the stuff about allowing integers to be used as specifiers of an aref’s on macros. This is silly, makes me wonder, 1)why not nth? Lists and vectors both are sequence. 2) Doesnt that make defuns and macros ambiguous? A person might not see that some value is an integer!
    The only explaination about that is that ‘terser means that it will be harder to read’ which doesnt really satisfy that.

  5. Snazz says:

    A shorter version:

    Paul Graham: Behold, Arc! (disclaimer: blah blah blah)
    Rest of the world: Lol… wut!?!?
    * Rest of the world is now ignoring Paul Graham *

  6. My Name Is Long says:

    Arc has a really nice, short, well formed, intelligent, beautiful, concise, original, easy to remember, artistic, hackish, simple, natural, inspired, ingenious, perfect, shiny, airy, meaningful, open, free, connecting, rock-solid, rounded, light, well constructed, compiled, fast, concrete, concentrated, meaningful, obstacle avoiding, — name!

    And these are only a few of it’s features.

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