Modern Correspondence

I’ve set aside my usual time for checking on my email.
Penis enlargement… penny stocks… pretending to be female…
Apparently my gas bill’s ready for an online look,
And Amazon have managed (finally) to ship my book.
An urban legend warning from some well-intentioned kin:
I’ve told them about, but still they’re taken in.
An ex-colleague invites me to keep up to date with Plaxo;
I never really liked him – kind of glad he got the sack – so…
Hey, I’m a lotto winner? But I never bought a ticket!
I’m sure that link is suspect, so I don’t think I will click it.
An invitation to attend some friend-of-friend’s new play;
A mangled Chinese subject that the program can’t display;
And endless special offers from the online stores I’ve used,
While the comments section on my blog is once again abused.
But the Reverend Bayes can save me, so I mark it all as spam,
And with any luck I’ll never see another email scam.

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