Book sale time again

And this time it seems like it’s been quite a while since the last one. Shelf space in our house is still at a premium, of course. We picked up lots of things for mini-Elbeno, including some really nice non-fiction stuff (a science encyclopedia and a book on weather).

Mrs. Elbeno got some interesting novels that she liked, and I got copies of Genius, Programming in Prolog, Little Brother and another copy of Stroustrup. But I resisted buying a third copy of the Dragon Book.

(William Clocksin, co-author of Programming in Prolog, was my AI/Prolog lecturer at university.)

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  1. Luís says:

    Trying hard to decide which books sucks the most Stroustrup or the Dragon Book… 🙂 I’m reading “Genius” right now, heh.

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