Easter weekend

Easter sort of crept up on me, but what the hell, I don't observe it anyway, and the US doesn't either (no 4-day weekend here)! So it was just a normal weekend, but a pretty good one.

Visited Griffith Park on Saturday, but the zoo was, well, a zoo. Didn't think it was worth queueing up for an hour or so in the sun among screaming kids to see a zoo that probably isn't as good as San Diego. So instead we went across the road to the Gene Autry Museum of the American West, which was great. Fairly newly built, very tranquil and interesting, and not very many people there either. Perfect. So we spent a few hours wandering around, and had a good free guided tour to boot. We also had a tolerable lunch at the Golden Spur cafe and enjoyed the sunshine.

Played a bit of World of Warcraft on Sunday and had lunch at a local Sizzler. We thought we'd try it out once; I can't really recommend it. But the salad bar is nice.

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