I’m still alive

Haven’t blogged in ages. Here’s a quick update from the Elbeno household.

The movie at the quarterly company show-and-tell was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which I enjoyed. Can’t wait for the 7th movie(s) and I have re-read books 6, 4 and 7 in the last week or two.

We have been enjoying warm days and balmy evenings here in my part of Socal. I have been mostly working, playing WoW, playing with mini-Elbeno, and in between times, taking on all comers at the ping-pong table at work. There has been a resurgence of popularity for ping-pong with everyone (except me) investing in new bats. I may need to get a new bat at some stage because my old bat is starting to flap slightly at the edges of the rubber.

No book sales lately. I am trying to get through the ones I have. I always have half a dozen books on the go and after the Harry Potter interruptions I am getting back to The Origin of Species, which I have actually never read before. It’s really readable for a book written 150 years ago.

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