Elbeno v2.1 arrives

Archie in the NICU

Archie Oliver Gryffin Deane, born 7th February at 2.41pm. 2835g or 6lbs 4oz, 48.5cm or 19in long. 4 weeks early!

Mrs Elbeno is doing great after a short labour (only 8 hours this time!) and an all natural VBAC delivery. She can come home in a day or two which is quite a change from Elbeno v2.0’s c-section. Everything went according to plan and Archie’s medical issues are no surprise. He is doing fine. He was diagnosed with Pierre Robin Sequence in utero. If you click through to the flickr image, I have marked it up with notes explaining all the things connected to him. Basically he has an ET (endotracheal) tube to keep his airway clear, he’s on a ventilator at minimal setting because his lungs are fine, and he has a feeding tube because obviously he can’t eat with the ET tube in. The other connections are just routine stuff for the NICU.

So we are waiting to consult with doctors about the possibility of mandibular distraction surgery as a treatment for the PRS. This would mean a more extended NICU stay of probably 3-4 weeks.

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  1. Zach Beane says:

    Congratulations! My wife was hoping to have a VBAC for #2, but Isaac was 10 days late and it didn’t work out. #3 will be scheduled C all the way.

  2. Alex Sun says:


  3. Antony Curtis says:

    Hope everything goes excellently,

  4. Dawn Rohm says:


  5. Sylvene says:

    Super Congrats to you and Mrs. Elbeno. How’s Elbeno v2 taking it? 😀

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