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Archie Eyes His Parents for the First Time

We visited this morning and for the first time measured the reflected wavelength from v2.1’s optical sensors at about 475nm. For now, his eyes are blue. We also met with Dr Tcheng, one of the paediatric fellows currently on rotation, and she told us that he has been scheduled for jaw distraction surgery on Friday. So that is good news as all indications are that this is the best technique for treating his PRS. I have to wonder what would have happened were we not in Los Angeles – perhaps a tracheostomy.

This morning Archie was also off the IV, getting all needed nourishment through the feeding tube. Dr Tcheng also told us that his bilirubin levels were good – he’s a lot less yellow than v2.0 was, anyway – and that his kidney function was a little “high” at the last test, but that she expected that to come down at next test, as that was consistent with adult function and for the first day or two neonates are still functioning with their mother’s blood as much as their own.

We came home at lunchtime to collect v2.0 from school and then Mrs Elbeno went back to visit this afternoon/evening. Dr Tcheng called me to report continued good news; that his blood gas test was very good and they have turned down the ventilator even more. And the memsahib got to hold him for an hour sitting in a chair. Tubes obviously were still attached but contact is good!

Almost forgot to mention that as of this morning he was moved to a new bay. He is now closer to the entrance which indirectly means he is improving, since NICU policy is for milder cases to be near the entrance and more serious or critical cases to be deeper into the ward. So with him going into the OR on Friday, we are expecting his total stay in the NICU to be maybe 3.5 weeks.

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  1. John says:

    Shouldn’t Archie be Elbeno 3.0? He’s a new release, not an update.

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