Latest – a setback

The plate that is in the left side of Archie’s jaw broke a couple of days ago. This has caused his jaw on that side to slip back by some millimetres. The rod is partly sticking out and the asymmetry of his jaw is visible from the outside. So after an x-ray it has been determined that he needs to have the distraction done again on that side.

This means another 2 weeks in hospital just when we were gearing up to have him at home (otherwise he has been doing well, bottle feeding, off the IV, etc). He will have the operation at 7.30am on Friday. There will be 7 days of screw-turning this time, followed by the op to remove the external pieces again, followed by a period of convalescence which will, with luck, be shorter than before.

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  1. Sylvene says:

    Oh no. 🙁 Hope all went well!

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