New Phone

I have finally acceded to the march of technology and got a new mobile phone. It’s quite an upgrade for me because my old phone is a Nokia 2115i and the new one is an HTC Evo.

Here’s your obligatory pic of the unpackaging.

HTC Evo Unpacking

I’m looking forward to speedy 4G coverage in LA and messing about with Android. I’ll shortly be updating everyone with my new mobile number.

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  1. Pater says:

    Ha! Finally succumbed eh? Very jealous of your 4G. Currently “enjoying” 3G – not even the 3.5G (when the wind is in the right direction) I used to get with my Nokias. Browsing is a tortuously slow business only matched by my difficulty in reading tiny text on websites shrunk down to a small screen. Tempus fugit!

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