Father’s Day

Had a relaxing Father’s Day watching the football and went out with mini-Elbeno. We had lunch at Panda Express. As we walked in the door, the girl behind the counter said to me, “Do you want to try a sample of our new walnut-and-something-or-other shrimp?” So I thought: “I like shrimp. I like walnut. I like something-or-other.”

“Sure, I’ll try it.” So she handed me a (cleverly disguised) blob of molten lava on a cocktail stick, and like a fool, I put it into my mouth whole. My tongue still feels rough today. Anyway, after I’d recovered, we ordered some food and mini-Elbeno actually tried some orange chicken and some broccoli beef, and liked it!

After that we went to Borders where I got Colossus: The Secrets of Bletchley Park’s Codebreaking Computers and used a 40% off coupon courtesy of My Coupons. Then on the way home we stopped at Marie Callender’s to get a cherry pie (on sale for $8) and at the British store for a few supplies.

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