London Underground

I have both fond and not-so-fond memories of London Underground. I worked in the city one summer. And there were several days of train strike. Anyway, the London Underground swf (warning: parental advisory) going around is one of the better things I've seen this week. I'm not posting a link, since it's probably going to be all over the place any minute now. GIYF.

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  1. _skye_ says:

    Any specific recommendations? I'll listen to a song or two.


  2. elbeno says:

    If you do a google search for london underground swf, you'll get what I'm talking about. It's a flash parody of the tube based on “Going Underground” by the Jam. But you may not find it funny unless you have worked in London. And cover the kids' ears.

    As for other recommendations, I'm into an electro-pop-ambient kick at the moment. My playlist looks something like:

    Hairbrained Scheme – Freezepop
    Digital Love – Daft Punk
    Femme d'Argent – Air
    Tenisu no Boifurendo – Freezepop
    Harder Better Faster Stronger – Daft Punk
    Science Genius Girl – Freezepop
    At The River – Groove Armada


  3. _skye_ says:


    Now THIS is an appropriate outlet for emotion, I say!

    “…I want to shoot them all with a rifle! Lalalalalalala!”


  4. elbeno says:

    When I worked in London (this was 2002), it was a standing joke in the office that if we got bored writing games, we could always become tube drivers on approximately the same (even in some cases a better) salary. A 2-day training course and hey presto: 26k a year (at the time), a job that wouldn't tax more than half a brain cell, and job security with the awesome power of the union behind you.

    A tube driver's salary became the standard measure of largish amounts of money. “X earns how much? We could hire 3 tube drivers for that!”

    Basically, tube drivers got paid too much, British games developers didn't get paid enough. And this (sadly) still seems to be the case.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Hoo hoo; sweet little ditty! This is from a report into female tube staff:

    Janet Crooks, 36, previously a therapist working with offenders doubled her £15,000 salary by becoming a tube driver. She said “It’s not my preferred career. I did it because of the money and the cost of living in London. The main downside is the filthy conditions. Your hands are black when you finish.

    Sue Sims, 48, A former NHS supervisor, she said that she was concerned that driving a train was not sufficiently stimulating. “I worry that I am not using my brain as much as I used to. Burt now on the other hand I have many more leisure activities that stimulate my brain”.

    I feel a change of career coming on…


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