Things that happened today

Went out for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Sat outside. Came home with a pink neck and face. Got in trouble with Mrs. Elbeno for same. Perhaps should put sunscreen in my desk drawer.

Received new laptop for Mrs. Elbeno. All present and correct. Configured and updated it. Mrs. Elbeno pleased. Old laptop bequeathed to me – will be installing Debian at the weekend.

Failed to pick up new keyboard from mailroom at work: was in a meeting from 4 to 6.10. Mailroom closes at 6 sharp. Curses.

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  1. greatbiggary says:

    Your fair complexion has ratted you out!

    And double drats about the keyboard, too. I left the mailroom here this morning once again dejected, without my own new keyboard. Das Keyboard, where are you? What are your plans for the old laptop?


  2. elbeno says:

    Did you see the Slashdot article about Das Keyboard? It seems that Das Keyboard is the standard black model from Keytronic with blank caps. Keytronic sells the model for $21.50.

    As for the laptop, I just plan to convert it into something that runs at decent speed. It's a 500MHz Celeron, so it should be able to cope. At the moment it's loaded down with Windows. I am going to liberate it.


  3. greatbiggary says:

    That's funny, but it's cool. I've spent but a fraction of what I haven't spent on cellphones or alcohol 🙂


  4. elbeno says:

    I have my new keyboard. It's weighty. It's nice. It's a UK layout. It is black with grey keys. And it has no superfluous Windows keys.


  5. greatbiggary says:

    Excellent news, and congratulations!

    Did we ever figure out what the verdict was about the clicking keys on the Das Keyboard? Do they click? I forgot that a [near] silent board was one of my requirements. I've long typed around 100-120wpm, but in FL, I noticed one day that I was typing much faster than usual, and after some meditating on it, and testing things, I realized that the pattern of the clicking actually made me conform to it. It was as though I felt subconsciously that it was wrong to create a beat faster than any song I'd ever heard. Too much of a cacophony. I also tend to type with the rhythm of anything around me, which slows me way back, because nothing around me ever does 100-120bpm. What had made me type so fast that day was having my sound-proof earphones on, with no music playing (song had ended). I could feel my fingers flying around the keys like they never had before, in total silence, because it became tactile, and I've always been an annoying finger-tapper, drumming on any desk surface, to the anger of my high school English teacher. My fingers don't mind the most rapid button-pushing available, but my ears make me slow back to a beat they don't mind. It's not that the clicking of a Model M in any way bothers me, it just hinders me.

    So, if this Das Keyboard doesn't make the same muffled plastic tapping of the Dell I'm on at work, or even less noise, I'm afraid I'll have to get my $70 back. I type late at night, too, and I think my upstairs neighbors would be able to hear that loud clicking. It's not good for a spy-in-training to be announcing his position and activities all the time.


  6. elbeno says:

    I'm the opposite. The more key noise the better. I really smack the keys down!


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