The great clothing cull of 2005

At Mrs. Elbeno's insistence, this weekend is the time to get rid of our wardrobes-full of little-worn, old, or outgrown clothes, donate them to charity, and replace them with new. So it was this morning that I bade a fond farewell to well-loved shirts and trousers that had done sterling service, and several pairs of socks that by now are more holy than righteous and have been consiged to the bin.

Many clothes of historical value were boxed up and now live in the cupboard in the spare room, awaiting some future trip down memory lane, or possibly eBay in the case of Limited-Run Video Game Shirts in Mint ConditionTM. Many more bags of clothes were loaded into the car ready for the clothing bank.

Tomorrow I shall be doing my best to restock my depleted collection of short-sleeve shirts, and trousers that fit.

3 Responses to “The great clothing cull of 2005”

  1. greatbiggary says:

    You could do an online sale like one of my LJ friends is doing in her LJ. She's a hot chick who often posts sexy photos of herself, though. I don't know what you'll get for your trousers 🙂

    If those game shirts are of current games, and you can hold on for about 15 years, they might be worth something as original vintage, as long as the games are remembered. Everyone remembers Pac-Man, because what else was there?


  2. elbeno says:

    Nobody would remember these games, really. It's mostly Bullfrog memorabilia. Syndicate Wars. Theme Hospital. Dungeon Keeper. Populous: The Beginning. And a few others.


  3. elbeno says:

    Besides, I have approximately 3.5 LJ readers, none of whom would want this stuff; and it's easier and feels better to donate it to Goodwill.


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