I talk in my sleep

I'm going to build an engine that *mumble mumble mumble*, apparently.
Any ideas what the mumbling might be? Another earth-shattering idea lost to Morpheus' embrace, I fear.

2 Responses to “I talk in my sleep”

  1. greatbiggary says:

    Hahaha! Maybe you do it on purpose. Maybe you know Mrs. Elbeno will tell you about some idea you almost mentioned in the evening, and it's your subconscious' way of playing tricks on you. It would be a rather highly evolved practical joke if so.

    was my roommate one year in college, and he told me that in the morning, when he'd try to wake me up so I wouldn't be late to class (he was an early-riser, I was a night-owl), I'd sit straight up, look down at him (I had a loft bed), and be quite nasty in my replies, all of which would be forgotten when I actually woke a little later. He also told me quite a long while after the fact that I got out of bed and answered the phone once during a midday nap, and was quite rude to his mother before climbing back up to bed. I was always on very low amounts of sleep then, but my actions remain inexcusable.


  2. _skye_ says:

    …runs on yogurt!

    Though I have no idea why anyone would want that.


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