London Calling

Here’s how the holiday has been so far: Arrived Thursday afternoon after taking off Wednesday night. Spent the first evening chilling and getting over some jetlag. Friday we headed to Greenwich, walked through Greenwich park and looked around the Royal Observatory. Didn’t have time to see a planetarium show, but took a picture of mini-Elbeno… Continue reading London Calling

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I’m in London

Catching up with family and friends on the UK side. Weather’s not bad at the moment, and I must have a sort of reverse jet-lag because I’m up at 6.40am on a Saturday (and nobody else is yet). Yesterday, went to a whole other hemisphere.

Unexpectedly Valuable

It’s come to my attention recently that my library of video games contains some that are now quite rare, sought-after, and therefore valuable. Many of the video games that you can’t buy new any more are available through eBay or Amazon sellers, although frequently (at least on Amazon) the items are without original manuals and… Continue reading Unexpectedly Valuable

Unexpected CS Book Bonanza

This weekend was another book sale, this time over at our other local library. It’s a smaller library and fairly new – I wasn’t expecting much. There were only about 10 smallish tables of books, so I was quite surprised to find quite a cache of computer science books on a chair in the corner.… Continue reading Unexpected CS Book Bonanza

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The arid highway subjugates the earth, A monument to mastery of man. Fantastic artifice: cement and steel, The world enslaved and trammelled by its span. A million ugly motors fight the road; Retch bitter toxins from a distant star. Miasma of a century’s exhaust Insinuates itself in every scar. Gentle infusions of jazz from the… Continue reading Embouteillage

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