Antifeatures, and two requests to Google

I’ve been reading some noise on the wire lately about anti-features. Benjamin Mako Hill, who seems to have coined the term, writes: “Anti-features are sold to customers as features but are fundamental or unavoidable aspects of systems that can only be removed or withheld through technological effort.” In other words, anti features are things that… Continue reading Antifeatures, and two requests to Google

e-book reader

I got an e-book reader for my birthday! It’s very shiny. Comparable to the weight of a small hardback, with an internal memory of 200MB (doesn’t sound a lot, but novels don’t take up much space), and expansion slots for SD and Memory Stick Pro Duo. The e-ink technology is impressive – I checked it… Continue reading e-book reader

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Gasoline prices comparison

My regular gas station in West LA is running just under $4.40 a (US) gallon right now. My dad’s regular petrol station in South London is £1.30 a litre, which is about $9.70 a gallon.

End of the Vacation

Sunday was another rest day: we went to Crystal Palace Park in the morning, and in the afternoon we had a birthday tea to celebrate the family birthday coincidence. Monday was my actual birthday, and now that half term was over, we headed back to the Natural History Museum for a much better look at… Continue reading End of the Vacation

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