My project got cancelled today. I don’t have too much to add to the official memo; I am one of the lucky ones who now has his pick of which project to go to next. Many good people I worked with have been let go; others have been shifted to other projects; I expect some… Continue reading Cancelled

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Yesterday I went to the optician for my yearly checkup. I still have 20/20 vision (both eyes at 0) and intraocular pressure of 15 mmHg in both eyes, which is normal. Since I have a family history of glaucoma, my optometrist always does the pressure test. I also have a small nevus (mole!) on my… Continue reading Optician

Money music

If there’s a silver lining to the current financial crisis, it’s that I prefer the “market down” music on NPR’s Marketplace Morning Report to the “market up” music. Markets are up: they play We’re in the Money Markets are down: they play Stormy Weather Markets are a mixture: they play It Don’t Mean a Thing… Continue reading Money music

Book sale time again

And this time it seems like it’s been quite a while since the last one. Shelf space in our house is still at a premium, of course. We picked up lots of things for mini-Elbeno, including some really nice non-fiction stuff (a science encyclopedia and a book on weather). Mrs. Elbeno got some interesting novels… Continue reading Book sale time again

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Tales of a full hard drive

In between watching the US Open finals this weekend, I had to fix up my PC. My hard drive (300GB) has been filling up with stuff and finally got full. My partitions looked like this: /dev/sda1 (NTFS): 40GB at 80% /dev/sda2 (ext2, /boot): 40MB at 50% /dev/sda3 (swap): 2GB /dev/sda4 (extended) /dev/sda5 (ext3, /): 40GB… Continue reading Tales of a full hard drive