The hardware is out

Micro-elbeno had his final op today to take out the internal hardware which has been holding his jaw together for the last few months. Mrs Elbeno got up at an infeasibly early hour to take him to the hospital, where they arrived at 5.30am. She called me just after 8am to tell me he’d just… Continue reading The hardware is out

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Father’s Day

Had a relaxing Father’s Day watching the football and went out with mini-Elbeno. We had lunch at Panda Express. As we walked in the door, the girl behind the counter said to me, “Do you want to try a sample of our new walnut-and-something-or-other shrimp?” So I thought: “I like shrimp. I like walnut. I… Continue reading Father’s Day

My new phone number

Simply take my old mobile number and add 1,134,866,492 to it, and you’ll have my new one.

New Phone

I have finally acceded to the march of technology and got a new mobile phone. It’s quite an upgrade for me because my old phone is a Nokia 2115i and the new one is an HTC Evo. Here’s your obligatory pic of the unpackaging. I’m looking forward to speedy 4G coverage in LA and messing… Continue reading New Phone