Keyboard fun

One can have hours of fun with xmodmap. Especially if one has a Symbolics keyboard. For a start, I get a “real” Meta key (not Alt) and a couple of extra modifier keys that emacs knows about: Hyper and Super. I mapped these to mod2 and mod3. Staying away from mod4 is a good idea… Continue reading Keyboard fun

Let’s not go overboard here

There is no need to be taking Potassium Iodide, because: Japan is a really long way away, and any release of radioactive material would disperse before reaching the US. Iodine-131 exposure apparently doesn’t increase the risk of thyroid cancer unless you’re a kid. It is likely to do more harm than good.


Yesterday I was asked (by a native French speaker) how long I had lived in France for. Nice to know that all those years of study haven’t atrophied too much (I have never lived in France). But I don’t speak French as well as my mother did, who was once asked (again by a native… Continue reading French

Home from GDC

I’m home from the 3 day tour of GDC, and it was very worthwhile. A non-stop maelstrom of recruitment, attending talks and catching up with old friends and colleagues. Talks I attended: Video Games Turn 25: A Historical Perspective and Vision for the Future by Satoru Iwata (Nintendo Co., Ltd.) Fighting Real Time by Jacky… Continue reading Home from GDC

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Quite a few people I’ve met at GDC told me they read my blog. Now that I know that, maybe I’ll update more! Anyway, last day of GDC – have seen lots of old friends and colleagues and attended a few good talks. Stay tuned for more of a report when I get back.

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