Oz Report – Part 21 – The Journey Home


We had no troubles getting to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Sydney’s tunnel system once again proved useful. After dropping off the hire car, we checked in, and this time we were prepared to make sure our car seat was smoothly approved. The checkin agent remarked that we were very organised for people travelling with small children (seeing that we only had 2 carryons).

The airport was of course the ideal place to shop for any souvenirs which we felt we lacked, and we picked up some zip-up tops and a t-shirt, with a few other knick-knacks. The flight itself was OK, although mini-Elbeno didn’t sleep as much as he had on the way out. I watched a few of the films on offer although missed the end of Ocean’s Thirteen.

Mini-Elbeno also enjoyed his first ice lolly to himself. This might be why he didn’t sleep so much!

Henry's First Ice Lolly to Himself

So we got home safely, and the family went to bed, and I went to work. Well, I figured I might as well at least clear my email backlog…

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