London Calling

Here’s how the holiday has been so far:

Arrived Thursday afternoon after taking off Wednesday night. Spent the first evening chilling and getting over some jetlag. Friday we headed to Greenwich, walked through Greenwich park and looked around the Royal Observatory. Didn’t have time to see a planetarium show, but took a picture of mini-Elbeno standing astride the meridian. He also had fun playing in the playground in the park. Friday was also Grandad’s (my dad’s) birthday, so we spent the evening with family. Mini-E received a gift of a rocking horse which he named “Caballo” and took to immediately.

Saturday we went to Battersea Park Zoo, a small affair which was quite enjoyable for the small chap. The weather was windy, but sunny. Sunday we headed up to town again to take in the museums, although they were packed because of the wet weather and the fact that it was half term. We did get to see a few dinosaurs, but spent longer getting lunch than actually enjoying the sights. Picked up a small stuffed triceratops for mini-Elbeno which he has named “Af”.

Monday was another very wet day, and we went to the Horniman Museum which is right on our doorstep, and which has been improved over the last couple of years with a lottery grant. It’s great for kids, with a hands on area of stuff they can play with, and also an aquarium in the basement and a section with weird musical instruments they can play with.

Tuesday we went up to town on the train and met a friend for lunch at St Pancras; we went to the Zoo in the afternoon, which stayed dry. Wednesday we met another friend (Mrs Elbeno’s old boss) for lunch, this time in Pizza Express in Greek Street. In the evening a couple of friends (more old work colleagues) visited us.

Thursday we all travelled down to the Westcountry to see my grandparents, mini-Elbeno’s great-grandparents. It’s about a 3.5 hour drive down the M3 and then across Salisbury Plain, passing right by Stonehenge. They were all fine despite a slight medical scare earlier in the week. Friday was another rest day: my brother arrived home from his year out in South America, and we went to the local park in the afternoon to let the littl’un let off some steam.

Saturday (today) we headed down to Leeds Castle. Saw a jousting tournament and falconry display which were both cool; took a look at the aviary with its toucans, macaws and various other colourful birds; and made our way through the maze to the centre and then down into the grotto and through the underground passage back to the outside. It’s a very nice maze.

That’s it so far. It’s a packed schedule and we have more to do in the next few days.

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