e-book reader

I got an e-book reader for my birthday! It’s very shiny. Comparable to the weight of a small hardback, with an internal memory of 200MB (doesn’t sound a lot, but novels don’t take up much space), and expansion slots for SD and Memory Stick Pro Duo. The e-ink technology is impressive – I checked it out while I was at the LA Times Book Festival some weeks ago, and it’s perfectly readable even in bright sunshine. And it doesn’t use any power except when changing a page, which means long battery life.

I’m using calibre to do library management, which works well, and so far I have uploaded a few Cory Doctorow novels. It (calibre) also interfaces with LibraryThing which is a very lightweight approach to keeping ones catalogue of books online. Since I already have my print books online, I’ll probably use LibraryThing for my e-books only.

So I’m also checking out the various sources of free books on the web. There’s Project Gutenberg of course, and also the forums over at mobileread.com seem to be a great resource.

Anyway, enough writing for now. I have a lot of reading to do.

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