Theme Park World


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Date Created: 2010-09-08
Date Modified: 2010-09-08


Platform: Windows
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Publisher: Electronic Arts
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Just as in the original Theme Park game, you're placed in the position of the manager of--you guessed it--a theme park, and it's up to you to build the rides and attractions, manage your staff and get the pint-sized punters pouring in to enjoy themselves. Theme Park World has a spin in that you're not limited to one park: you progress through--you guessed it--a world of theme parks, each one having a different theme (jungle or space, for example) and different targets to meet to gain your golden tickets. These are the currency of the game, with which you can open other parks and--if you accumulate enough--actually go into the park you've built.

Games like this are normally a little difficult to play on the PlayStation: you have to navigate through a series of menus (which are nevertheless clear in this game) and select options as you scroll around the park. On a PC, or with a PlayStation mouse, gameplay such as this is easier--but bless the creators of Theme Park World for developing an embarrassingly simple way around this: actions are carried out using just the four keys of your controller, which do different things depending on what is currently in the centre of your screen.

If you're into world-building games, but are after something a bit more light-hearted and less complex (although the management of a park can be quite a challenge), then Theme Park World could be the game for you. The ease of gameplay, teamed with graphics and a fun concept, make it perfect company for a rainy afternoon. --David Bailey