Audio memory

The other day I was watching Adam's Rib with Mrs Elbeno. One of the many old movies we enjoy via the Blockbuster-Netflix-alike service. (You only have time to watch a finite number of movies in your life; why watch modern rubbish just because it's recent when you could be watching classic films of the 40s?)… Continue reading Audio memory


There are no clocks in this room. None that tell the right time. The clock on the desk shows 6.50 (stopped). My iPod shows 08:24 as does my PC. Both clearly wrong (but timestamping this post). Two more stopped clocks show 3.14 and 6.00 respectively. A stopped pocket watch shows 6.46. My watch (which shows… Continue reading Timeless

IF Alert!

October is with us again, and that means the 11th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition is here. This year we have: 17 Z-code 7 TADS (including 1 TADS3) 2 Glulx 1 Hugo, 1 Alan, 5 Adrift And of course, 3 Windows native executables. Well I’m not holding out much hope for those (especially with names like… Continue reading IF Alert!

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