C++Now 2017 – Report

C++Now 2017 just wrapped up in Aspen, CO. A great week of presentations and discussions once more. C++Now is a very different conference from the normal mainstream. For a start, it’s small – only 150 people. And the sort of content you find at C++Now is more niche material: challenging the status quo and trying… Continue reading C++Now 2017 – Report

The 4th Amendment and Email

Tonight there was an interesting broadcast of To The Point examining email privacy rights and the 4th amendment, with reference to the recent warrantless FBI investigation resulting in the resignation of David Petraeus as the director of the CIA. The program also featured Declan McCullagh, author of this piece on c|net. The judicial system has… Continue reading The 4th Amendment and Email

Late night stealth

I would like to share with you some things I’ve learned about creeping around stealthily late at night, after the family have gone to bed, in case you find yourself in a similar situation. I’m pretty good at it now. So, obviously to avoid waking anyone up, you want to avoid making any noise, and… Continue reading Late night stealth

The Second Amendment

Why do people support the second amendment? I’m going to try to avoid straw man arguments here. And the first straw man argument to avoid, I think, is: “because it protects us from tyranny: if the government becomes corrupt, we can rise up and overthrow it.” Perhaps I’m being naive, but do people really believe… Continue reading The Second Amendment

A musical interlude

I had piano lessons at around age 5, and again around age 10. I never practised enough or liked my teacher much. As a teenager at university, I went back to the piano to play tunes that I wanted to, and taught myself enough to get by on those. After university, nothing for a long… Continue reading A musical interlude

Merry Xmas

This year it was a fairly quiet affair, seeing as we’d already visited family in late summer and at Thanksgiving. The kids did well as usual. Mini-Elbeno got a Kindle Fire from the grandparents (and has been bound not to buy anything on it without the express permission and help of Mrs Elbeno or myself).… Continue reading Merry Xmas