Goodbye to WoW

I cancelled my subscription. Anyone want my stuff?

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This year's UK entry for the Eurovision Song Contest is actually pretty good, as these things go. Nice and poppy. And in general of course I approve of videos featuring girls in school uniforms. I actually enjoy Eurovision once a year – pity it's not available here.


Sir – I would like to reassure my 4 regular readers that this LJ will not be featuring ads, even in the face of the new Sponsored+ level of free LJ subscription. And the day that the powers that be present adverts on this LJ as a matter of course will be the day that… Continue reading adverts

Heath Robinson machines again

From a Japanese show. As if it weren't impressive enough (including the catchy theme), look out for the Marmite pot making an appearance at about 9 minutes. PS. For Americans, Heath Robinson = Rube Goldberg.

The Pile

I’m making an attempt to get through all the games I have which for one reason or another I haven’t completed, or in many cases have not played for more than an hour, and in some cases have not played at all. Some of the games (not even all, it goes farther back) in this… Continue reading The Pile

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Happy $festival

Happy first-Sunday-after-the-first-full-moon-on-or-after-the-vernal-equinox. Whatever it is you celebrate this time of year, have a good one.

mini-Elbeno is here!

Henry Thomas Peregrine arrived at 18:26 on 5th April 2006 (his due date!), weighing in at 8 lbs 1.5 oz and measuring 20″ long.


Inspired by 's Rubik cube antics, I picked one up myself last week. When I was a kid, the most I could do was one side. So this time I set about solving it properly. I'm not interested in solving it really quickly, just in being able to solve it. So I set about it… Continue reading cubism

new tune for the playlist

Currently number 1 in the UK on the strength of downloads only: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. I do miss TOTP now and then.