it's all geek to me

After a conversation with recently I got to thinking: what do all the letters of the Greek alphabet represent? What is their canonical meaning to me? Here's the result of my thoughts. α (alpha) : A quite buggy version of software. β (beta) : A prerelease (but not so buggy) version of software. γ (gamma)… Continue reading it's all geek to me

impressiver and impressiver

It’s been at least 4 hours since my last post about Linux, so it’s time to relate my latest Ubuntu adventures. I’m well impressed. A few weeks in to using Ubuntu, and everything’s still rosy. Everything still “just works”. Sound, webcams, iPod, automounting, everything that (I’ve learned over the years) is tricky to wrangle under… Continue reading impressiver and impressiver

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Superman Returns

Pretty good. Plenty of scenes remade like or reminiscent of the original(s). Good special effects. The plot and or pacing was a bit uneven though; it just started to get interesting and it was over. Oh and Sir Richard Branson makes a cameo as “Shuttle Engineer”.

Dungeon Fun

I escaped from the Dungeon of Elbeno! I killed Greatbiggary the arch-demon and Linca the kobold. I looted the Wand of Linux, the Armour of Mathematics, the Sword of Kinepela, the Dagger of Trivia, the Sword of Unicycling, the Sceptre of Open Source and 89 gold pieces. Score: 114 Explore the Dungeon of Elbeno and… Continue reading Dungeon Fun

Superman Returns

I shall be seeing Superman Returns* this afternoon, courtesy of work. That's worth a couple of hours even if I have to pay $2 for parking. Oh and apparently Brandon Routh is the new gay icon. *Link removed – since when did IMDB start using interstitial ads?

A strange storm

Last night I was awakened at about half past midnight by either Mrs Elbeno or some thunder, I'm not sure which. At any rate, there followed over the course of a few minutes about 6 or so flashes of lightning and accompanying thunder. The storm was less than two miles away at this point. Then… Continue reading A strange storm

The essentials

I’m coming off the back of another Windows install, so I now have a directory containing about a CD’s worth of software – the essentials for installation on a clean system. In alphabetical order (from my folder listing): 7-zip – for dealing with .zip, .rar, and all other archives. nVidia drivers – I ditched ATI… Continue reading The essentials

Are you old?

Can you hear this? I'm tempted to wait a couple of years until I can't, then play it out of my speakers at full volume while working. 🙂

Happy "Summer" solstice

In just under 7 and a half hours' time, the northern hemisphere will be at its maximum tilt towards the sun. So rejoice and be merry. (Even if it is, for you, actually a “Winter” solstice 🙂