The Quiz

The end of year quiz is once again with us, courtesy of King William's College on the Isle of Man. Off you go.

Xmas 2006 stats

# of remote family members spoken to: 11 # of video games received: 2.5 # of books received: 3 # of hours spent opening Mini-Elbeno's gifts: 4 # of minor injuries caused by toy defence systems packaging: 1 # of marzipan fruits received (eaten): 15 (0) # of pictures (movies) taken: 71 (4) # of… Continue reading Xmas 2006 stats

Merry Xmas

After trying many ornament shots, this is the best. Not bad for a compact under such low lighting conditions. Of course I really need an SLR, proper tripod and remote shutter…

2006: the good stuff

Good stuff that is specific to me: Of course, the best thing is mini-Elbeno. We started the year getting ready for his arrival, and since he's been here our lives have been changed forever in a wonderful way. And we have also been keeping in closer contact with the rest of the family since he… Continue reading 2006: the good stuff

The tree's up

This year I did the whole job while Mrs. Elbeno tended to mini-Elbeno. It's looking good this year, in the dining room rather than the living room where little hands run amok. We have finally retired some of the original cheapo filler ornaments we bought when we first got the tree. This year we toyed… Continue reading The tree's up

Ben and Em show up!

And my Mii Parade has 5 miis in it now! My new bowling high score is 279. I missed the strike on frame 10!

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Google patent search

I see Google has a new patent search feature. This is one of the more useless Google features to those of us in the software industry. The first rule of software patents is “never read software patents”. The broad nature of many software patents makes it almost certain that my code infringes multiple patents out… Continue reading Google patent search

Geminid meteor shower? No thanks

It's supposed to be the best meteor shower of the year, but I live in about the worst light-polluted area of the planet, and I'm not about to drive out to the desert in the middle of the night. I've been disappointed before when I tried to watch meteor showers.