LA Times Book Festival, Day 2

We arrived a little later than yesterday since Mrs. Elbeno does a long run on Sunday mornings – 12.5 miles today. But we parked in almost exactly the same spot. I hurried to get to a panel entitled “Science Fiction: The Road From Here to There” featuring Cory Doctorow (author, blogger, civil rights advocate), John… Continue reading LA Times Book Festival, Day 2

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LA Times Book Festival

We spent the day at the LA Times Festival of Books at UCLA. I’d never been to UCLA before – it’s a nice campus. Ample parking meant no hassles getting in or out despite the huge numbers of people there. I attended a morning panel session entitled “New Media: Blogging and Beyond”. The panelists were… Continue reading LA Times Book Festival

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Feisty Fawn

I’m not upgrading yet. Give it a few weeks. I’m sure I’ll run into a few things which don’t quite go according to plan, and it would be handy if someone else hit them first so that I can see the fix on the forums. Edit: Well, I decided to try it, since the auto-update… Continue reading Feisty Fawn

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Internet radio is dead, long live Internet radio?

The Copyright Royalty Board has rejected a request from NPR (and other webcasters) to reconsider its decision over a new pricing scheme for Internet broadcasts. Internet radio stations face the prospect of paying a much higher royalty fee than they have been paying, and what's more, apparently the fee applies retroactively to the start of… Continue reading Internet radio is dead, long live Internet radio?

Star Wars Exhibition

Now on at the California Science Center! Closes April 29th, but the kids are back at school already so now's the ideal time to take a half-day off work and head over to South Central. What? You want photos? OK.

Quarterly book sale!

This morning was the quarterly book sale at our local library. We scored a decent haul at $1 each for hardbacks and $0.50 for paperbacks. Plenty of books for mini-Elbeno (including a looks-like-new copy of Sheep in a Jeep). Other highlights for $1 each are a hardback like-new copy of Climbing Mount Improbable and a… Continue reading Quarterly book sale!

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RotateAVI updated

The latest version has a minor update. Nothing functional, just a display thing. But every little thing makes it a bit easier to use. Rotate AVI files from your digital camera easily!

I signed up with Dreamhost

Watch this space… I'm currently domain-registered with GoDaddy, but ever since they a) switched to running parked domains on Windows, and b) took down, I've been looking for a new registrar. Dreamhost seems to be flavour of the month for programmers, and I'm impressed enough to shell out for a 2-year plan. I've also… Continue reading I signed up with Dreamhost